Small Home Medium Home Split Level Large Home
Exterior: $70.00 – $85.00
Exterior/Interior: $105.00 -$135.00
Exterior: $105.00 -$130.00
Exterior/Interior: $185.00 – $240.00
Exterior: $95.00 -$115.00
Exterior/Interior: $150.00 – $220.00
Exterior $200.00 -$275.00
Exterior/Interior: $375.00 – $500.00
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These prices are averages of similar homes we have serviced and examples to provide a “rough” figure. Your homes price may be lower or higher than the ranges provided or in between. Actual price will be determined based upon:

  • Quantity of windows & type
  • Amount of exterior/interior ladder or pole work
  • Accessibility to the windows on the exterior & interior of the home
  • How dirty the windows are
  • Where you are located (trip charges may apply)
  • We DO NOT charge by time. Denver’s Window Shine is quick and efficient. We get in and get out, we do not discount prices because we are good at what we do.