The prices below are averages of similar homes we have serviced and examples to provide a “rough” figure. Your homes price may be lower or higher than the ranges provided or in between. Actual price will be determined based upon:

  • Quantity of windows & type
  • Amount of exterior/interior ladder or pole work
  • Accessibility to the windows
  • Frequency of cleanings. The more we come, the cheaper it is!
  • How dirty the windows are
  • Prices listed are for a general cleaning of the windows to remove the dirt & grime. Prices DO NOT include the removal of hard water damage or scraping off construction type debris such as glue, paint, stickers, tape, concrete etc.
gutter cleaning lewiston moscow pullman clarkston

$80.00 Exterior $130.00 Exterior/Interior

$120.00 Exterior  $200.00Exterior/Interior

window cleaning clarkston lewiston pullman moscow

$160.00 Exterior $280.00 Exterior/Interior

$260.00 Exterior $440.00 Exterior/Interior