Denver’s Window Shine places quality at the top of our list which means doing jobs at 100% not rushing through to get to the next paying customer. We also take every step necessary to protect your home or business while performing our service. Denver’s Window Shine is also very easy to contact for any questions you may have. Customers like to communicate in many different ways these days and we choose to communicate with you in the way you desire. Feel free to call, text or email and we will respond in the way most convenient to you. Have an appointment coming up? Don’t worry you will get an instant confirmation reminding you of any estimates and future job bookings. Want payment to be very simple and quick, try our credit/debit card option with payment right through your email. Want to reschedule due to poor weather? Okay we will call you when the weather permits, no cancellation fees here. Want to hire someone that gives back to the local community? Denver’s Window Shine often does just that because we truly believe in paying it forward.

No! It is important for anyone hiring a window cleaning service to ask the right questions and get the right information. Some window cleaning services wet the glass and squeegee it dry but skip the middle step which is agitating the window to remove the actual grime. We would hate to see you pay for a wet and wipe instead of a quality clean. Also take into consideration all of the things that are important to you when hiring someone. Will they work with you when it comes to rescheduling due to poor weather? Do they remind you of upcoming appointments? How is their appearance? If they don’t care about their appearance are they going to care about your homes? Are they educated, if you ask them questions do they have the answers? If you ask us anything about window cleaning, water leaks, water staining, different abrasive materials that can and cannot be used on glass, window sealing etc we have the answers because we specialize in windows. We don’t offer window cleaning as an add on service, we specialize in window cleaning.

We remove our shoes or wear covers to protect your carpet, step ladders are placed properly in garden beds so your flowers are not being ruined and we always approach everything with a slower is better mentality when it comes to moving things or using equipment such as poles or ladders. When you hire a service person it is not just about a shiny window, a well painted house, clean carpet etc it is also about hiring someone that will respect your property and not cause damage. We take every step out there to protect your home and our customers regularly comment on this aspect of our business.

Yes. $70.00 is our minimum for window washing & gutter cleaning. We also carry a $120.00 minimum for moss removal.

Yes we clean windows every season of the year with quality results.

It would be so kind if you can give us full access to the windows. We are more than willing to move heavy items if you are not able but we do ask that breakables, plants, knick knacks and small obstructions like night stands or recliners are moved out of the way. Imagine you wanted to clean your windows and had a tool belt on, how much room would you need. Lastly we ask if you can please have blinds raised, specifically if we are doing outside windows only and you will not be home. It can be difficult to clean a window you can’t see through. We understand busy schedules and physical limitations so we are happy to help.

The first service it is always nice to get to meet our customer and develop the relationship, however you do not need to be home – just let us know how to lock up and if the pets need fed and we will get to work.

Payment is due within 10 days of service but most customers pay upon completion. For your convenience we accept, checks, cash, credit and debit. You can even pay right through your email with the click of a button!

While there is no guarantee from job to job the vast majority of the time our customers have informed us we are often the middle priced company. In order to offer the cheapest price there has to be some short cuts in quality or service and Denver’s Window Shine will not do that. However we rarely get told our price is the highest customers have received.