Interior Window Cleaning

Property protection

Denver’s Window Shine will place covers on our shoes or remove them when entering your property. We also carefully move items in your home as if they were our own.

Full detailed track cleaning

This can be as simple as a quick wipe with a towel or as detailed as using a shop vac to clear the insects, cobwebs, dirt etc from your window. This depends on how dirty the windows are, but we are proud to offer track cleaning as a service to you.

Pure Water Kit

Denver's Window Shine may choose to clean your windows with our indoor kit. This involves cleaning the windows with pure water and a square shaped mircrofiber pad on the end of a hand held extension pole. The benefit of this system is there is no drips and is great when when trying to clean windows behind a computer desk, over a bed, or in awkward spaces where cleaning the windows traditionally could be much more time consuming.