Exterior Window Cleaning

Pure Water Technology System

Specially designed soft bristled nylon brushes are used to clean the window, while at the same time jets of ultra-pure water rinse the glass. The result from cleaning with pure water is absolutely spot-free windows with no residule left behind on the glass. Our carbon fiber pole allows us to clean the most difficult to reach windows up to 40 feet safely and effectively from the ground. To do this we simply hook up to city water at your business or home and place a connection piece between the garden hose and our purification system which then removes 99.9% of the minerals out of the water and runs it up through the nylon brush that we discussed above. This process takes any saftey concerns away when dealing with higher up windows and is both efficient and effective.

Traditional Cleaning Method

Using a microfiber stripwasher and squeegee is the traditional way to clean windows. This involves having all of our equipment on a tool belt and getting the ladders out if needed and moving from window to window until the job is done. Denver's Window Shine uses a plant based cleaning solution that is easy on our hands and great on your glass. We use this traditional method both on the exterior and the interior of the window cleaning jobs we do.